Friday, July 15, 2016

US Fish and Wildlife Officials Illegally Poach Trophy Elk in Wildlife Refuge

Similar to several criminally-minded people who work for the Forest Service, it appears that US Fish and Wildlife officials have been caught abusing their power and authority. And have betrayed the public trust.
This undated photo provided by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife shows Thad Bingham with a bull elk in Colorado. Bingham and another U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service employee pleaded guilty to poaching-related charges in the killing of the trophy-class bull elk in western Colorado, state officials said Tuesday, July 12, 2016. (Colorado Parks and Wildlife via AP) (Associated Press)

The Washington Post is reporting that at least two federal US Fish and Wildlife officials actively engaged in the illegal taking of a game animal, within the limits of a wildlife refuge closed to all hunting.

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The two reportedly poached the animal while several more US Fish and Wildlife personnel turned blind eyes or actively covered up the crime.

Not surprising since the US Forest Service and US Fish and Wildlife work hand in hand. And have a long history of committing criminal acts under the guise of "protecting the land and serving people ".

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