United States Forest Service Slogan......"Caring for the Land and SERVING.....People!"

I was thinking aloud in the shower, pondering the meaning of the USFS Slogan "Caring for the Land and SERVING people."
I had heard something about a sort of all powerful, all knowing entity, who had come about to serve the needs, wants, and do the most good for the most people before. An entity the people wanted......but did not know how or were unable to create for themselves. But I was trying to think where..............
Suddenly it hit me like a freight train! I remembered.....I HAD  heard.......this very familiar phrase before!  
As a kid, I loved black and white films, historical movies, series. I loved Abbott and Costello, Bob Hope, Roy Rogers. But I knew it couldn't be any of these which reminded me of the USFS. Because those were all positive experiences for me.
No, the USFS slogan has a much darker, deeper origin, from a series that often gave me nightmares as a child........THE TWILIGHT ZONE! Specifically, a very terrifying episode filmed in 1962! Twilight Zone (Season 3, Episode 24) *To Serve Man*  

See? Even the title IS similar? And the storyline is hauntingly the same too.
An overwhelming entity from outter space (although the USFS claims to originate from inner space) comes to Earth, ends all famine, all drought, all war, all human pestilence and suffering. There's a group of scientist, frantically trying to interpret the book one of the all knowing, all powerful beings (equivalent to a USFS Ranger) accidently left behind, or was obtained through the Freedom Of Information Act, I can't recall..................
Anyhoo, back to the book. Near the end of the episode, after a group of humans gets on board with the USFS...err, I mean evil alien creatures, one of the interpreters arrives to tell her boyfriend they have just deciphered the USFS document....err......alien manuscript!!!
She frantically yells to him to get off the ship, and he says he is going and she can't stop him, but wants to know why he should. She says......"The title.....To Serve Man......IT'S A COOKBOOK!!!!!!"

USFS caught in the act of "serving people" here: http://usfspayettenationalforest.blogspot.com/

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