Letters to the Editor

Regarding Suzanne Rainville ordering private property access roads closed

Dear Miss/Mrs Rainville,
On April 20th, 2010 the Payette National Forest closed the only access road to Scott [and Mike] Amos's private property. A letter from your office stated it was closed under the 2008 travel plan, which did not include the road for public comment on a map or other. His brother lives there year round, and he goes there more often than the "days allowed" by the special license that you would like him to purchase ... but why should he have to pay to gain access to his own property?  This is so wrong.
It seems as though your dept knows that this was not a decent way of doing things, as it seems you deliberately avoided including the people who would be affected by this, from being present during any discussions or planning.
Why were the public comment meetings  held 70 miles away from Yellow Pine, when the project was called "The Yellow Pine and Eiguren Fuels Reduction Project"?  Why didn't you tell anyone in Yellow Pine about it, or  invite anyone to the secret closed door "public" meetings, and why didn't you post any information about the meetings in the local paper The Yellow Pine Times?
Please do not treat the people living there so badly.  Protecting the forest is a good thing but commonsense should also apply.  The people living there already, and who own property there, should be "grandfathered in" and new changes being made should be waived for them.
Please show some compassion for these families.  What has happened is wrong but can be so easily remedied by showing some decency in dealing with these homeowners
Yours sincerely
R. Dempsey




  1. I just looked at the roads already "put to bed" from this project. It just sickened me to see nice unobtrusive roads turned into what I would call a long, chewed up, blistered, and ruined forest floor. Only an idiot, blinded by a self serving ideology, would call these roads reclaimed. What asses!

  2. Please stop these actions.