Yellow Pine Idaho, Turned Into a Concentration Camp By The Payette National Forest

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 What you are about to read is an ugly truth that the United States Forest Service wants to pretend never happened.


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For more than nine years, the United States Government engaged in war with a small logging/mining community named Yellow Pine, Idaho. To this day, the Payette National Forest engages in illegal Stalinist style conduct, imposing the will of their dictatorship upon those unfortunate to be living near lands the USFS governs.

In the words of Sue Dixon, Payette National Forest would-be dictator, "NEPA is not a democracy."

True to her words, NEPA, which was set up not only to protect the environment, but also the people of the United States, has been interpreted to be used as a socialist mechanism for establishing rule of law by the tyrants currently running the Payette National Forest.

The USFS successfully ignored all provisions of NEPA that might protect Americans from tyranny to suit their purposes and closed all access roads to/from the town. Trips for obtaining food, medical treatment, medications, fuel, blankets and items required to survive in temperatures often 40 below zero, were denied or limited by the brownshirt USFS  offiicials. Even in prison, prisoners cannot be, by law, denied the basic right to obtain food for themselves!

Residents were FINED, have been threatened with imprisonment, and held hostage by USFS and government personnel holding guns, while being detained behind closed iron gates, similar to the IRON CURTAIN or those used by the Nazis against the jews and other prisoners.

View FOIA Unlawful Order Closing South Fork of the Salmon River Road

All residents, visitors and county personnel were forbidden to travel down this road, which violates rights of access written and signed into law in 1980 by then president Jimmy Carter and Idaho governor Cecil Andrus, otherwise known as ANILCA. County officials were denied the right to use this road in violation of 36 CFR regulations and the Forest Management Act, which is curently still happening across the US by USFS personnel who willingly violate laws they are supposed to be enforcing.

The town's economy suffered greatly, which was the ultimate goal of the USFS. Other towns nearby had already been forced out of existence and the USFS quickly swooped in to buy the land owners out, after unlawfully imprisoning those towns.

During this time frame, all businesses in Yellow Pine were forced closed by USFS actions, to include, but not limited to:

1) The General Store
2) Yellow Pine Tavern
3) B&F Cafe (Now the Silver Dollar)
4) Yellow Pine Lodge (Owners were cited for driving to get business supplies)
5) Alpine Village
6) Parks Boarding House
7) The local mine at Stibnite
8)  Logging operations
9) The Corner Bar

I am sure, somewhere, the USFS Payette National Forest had a falsified socio-economic study that stated a finding of no significant impact?

The USFS proposed buying out the town of Yellow Pine, specifically through eminent domain, for the purpose of making more wilderness and a "wolf preserve." To date, dozens to hundreds of private property owners have been "talked" into selling their private property to the Payette National Forest, through tactics afore mentioned. Borrowing a fitting phrase from the Godfather, the private land owners were "made a deal they can't refuse."

Even after losing a $9 million dollar lawsuit , a federal judge's order that the USFS leave the road and being FORCED to pave the South Fork of the Salmon River Road, the USFS is currently persistent in it's efforts to eradicate private property owners from the Payette National Forest. The aforementioned "war" on rural communities continues.........

Suzanne Rainville, forest supervisor has again ordered locking people behind iron gates, especially on Three Mile Road. On April 28th, 2010 five people were locked behind gates and left to fend for themselves, not to mention several additional property owners.

USFS [FALSELY] Claims  unlawfully imprisoning citizens with iron gates reduces sediment!

To put the actions of the PNF into perspective, the South Fork of the Salmon River Road was supposedly closed by the PNF to "protect salmon" from "sediment washed from the road and into the river." However, as you can see in the photo below, the road closure was simply an excuse to harass local citizens and block tourism into the back country as a direct human-inhabitant elimination technique.  As the photo clearly shows, four feet of snow is present which would PREVENT 100% of ANY supposed "SEDIMENT."

Note that the targeted "closure time" of Friday night until 08:00 Wednesday morning was "designed" to prevent tourism, a vital contributor to Yellow Pine's economy.

In a letter between members of the Payette National Forest, they talked about using imaginary "dead bloated salmon carcases" as a way to manipulate federal judges.

In an internal email regarding a private property owner on the South Fork, Erin Rohlman of the Payette National Forest talks about getting rid of the "Fritzer Ranch, Davis Ranch and Idaho State owned property" so that the PNF can do away with any/all roads entirely, and not have to deal with pesky "citizens rights."

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  2. This is completely disgusting and only shows our government is turning into a dictatorship run by President Muslim Rat Obama and his socialists party known as the Democrats.

    What makes this even worse that even the Republican Party is involved in this ultimate goal to take destroy the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights and make American patriots slaves to the international laws of the international terrorist organization known as the United Nations.

    American patriots also know the real purpose of FEMA.

    James G. Borden
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  3. God help us how can some one who walk around in skivvies and never has seen snow .....AMERICAN PATRIOTS' MOVEMENT OF AMERICA
    National Headquarters
    Hilo, Hawaii 96720 ..... Have ANY IDEA of what were confronted with here in the Mother Land. Praise the Lord for Mike Huckleberry in his understanding of this ATTACK YES ATTACK upon the sovereign right of North Idaho to be just as stupid as it always has. Thank you for your time.