Thursday, November 3, 2016

Pay to Play - US Fish and Wildlife Style

US Fish and Wildlife official pleads guilty to secretly working for environmental lobbying group where he received a six figure salary.

The Idaho Statesman reports

"Stephen M. Barton, 67, of Boise, received $377,000 in income over several years as treasurer for Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, or WAFWA, a Boise-based nonprofit representing more than 20 fish and wildlife agencies in the western and central U.S. and Canada, according a Department of Justice investigative report."

It gets worse.

Barton reportedly forged signatures requesting funding on behalf of the non-profit, while retaining a position in the federal government that could influence the decision to approve funding for the non-profit Barton worked for,  which received  $3 million in funding from the US Fish and Wildlife over a short period.

The Statesman said "  Barton served as WAFWA’s treasurer from 2004 through early 2014."

He also held a high position within the Idaho Fish and Game. 

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  1. He is going to prison for the rest of his life, right? And, he is going to be fined and ordered to pay restitution until he and all those who shared his ill-gotten gains have lost everything, right?

    1. There are hundreds more just like him still working inside federal agencies like the Forest Service and BLM.

  2. That swamp just keeps getting deeper and deeper

  3. He should be required to pay restitution to cover the damage he has done for the rest of his life after he serves the maximum jail time allowed for his crimes....

  4. will every action taken related to this organization while he was a part of it be vacated?

  5. Needs to be charged for falsifying federal documents. No pension either.