Forest Service Usurps NEPA, Violating Federal Law Obama White House Ignores Crimes

Regarding a letter from the USFS National Office, co-conspiring with the Payette National Forest to commit fraud, forgery, falsification of documents.

First off, I would like to thank President Obama for looking into the issues I made the White House aware of.

Download PDF response letter here:

Although the national office of the USFS was directed by the Obama Administration to address crimes committed by the Payette National Forest, they have ignored that directive and insist that the felons running the Payette have committed no crimes. They are now guilty of contributing to, aiding and abetting the Payette in the following crimes:

1) Falsification of the NEPA required socio-economic study for the town of Yellow Pine, which falsely states there to be 38 government workers and only one tourism job in Yellow Pine.

2) Denying the Payette National Forest has conducted illegal activities (arson of private property, falsification of records, (NHPA studies?), unlawfully imprisoning US citizens and an entire town. Denying citizens the basic rights of travelling to the hospital for medical emergencies, buying groceries, attending jury duty, and other basic nessary items of business. Forcing ALL BUSINESSES IN THE TOWN OF YELLOW PINE TO CLOSE!

3) Conflict of interest, forcing private citizens off private land for purchase by the USFS.

At first, I thought the United States Forest Service in it's entireity was simply grossly incompetent. However, in the face of overwhelming facts and evidence, it is clear that Richard W. Sowa, P.E. of the national office, and others like him, could care less that their forest rangers are actively, unlawfully imprisoning US citizens, falsifying, forging documents, records, committing arson on private property, and conducting a hostile takeover of privately owned land, bullying and forcing state, county, private land owners out of the Payette for the sole purpose of creating more wilderness.

With that being stated, I have posted Mr. Sowa's letter, in it's entireity here. Anyone familiar with the Payette National Forest, Big Creek and Yellow Pine, knows this letter is so full of it that it came from Washington in the back of a manure truck. There is not one legitimate sentence in the entire thing, including under which travel plan my driveway was unlawfully closed under.

FYI, it was "The Yellow Pine and Eiguren Hazardous Fuels Reduction Project" which held ZERO public scoping meetings in the town for which it was named. Which is par for the course in an agency run by bullies, thieves, thugs, and would-be gang members with all the power of the United States Government behind them to help them destroy a town of 45 people.

Dear Mr. Amos,

thank you for your email of July 9,2010, regarding access to your private property within the Payette National Forest. The White House has asked the Forest Service to respond to you.
 The road that accesses your property was not designated for public use during the travel planning process. This process included a series of decisions. The first decision was signed in October 2008 and the second was signed in April 2010. The April, 2010 decision was appealed and subsequently affirmed by the Appeal Deciding Officer.

All of these decisions determined, in a legal NEPA framework, which roads would be designated for public motorized use. The road to your property was not designated for public use under these decisions because it does not access a significant area of National Forest System lands. However, as a landowner you have certain rights of access to your private property and you should continue to work with the Payette National Forest to request a special-use authorization that would consider your desire for use and maintenance of the road to your property. In addition, the Payette National Forest has begun working with Valley County to explore the possibility of transferring jurisdiction of the road to your property over to the County. If Valley County obtains an authorization on this road, it will a bearing on whether the road becomes a public road maintained by the County, and whether or not a Forest Service special use authorization is necessary. regards to your concerns about the socio-economic study for the Travel Plan, the Appeal Deciding Officer has determined that the Big Creek - Yellow Pine Travel Plan (Snow-Free Season) and Big Creek Ford Project Environmental Analysis adequately addresses the socio-economics of the analysis area. Non-Forest Service economic studies have been conducted which detail the economic situation in Yellow Pine and the current recreation use in

the  decision described in the FONSI maintains the current system of motorized designations on the Forest Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM) (DN/FONSI,p. 5).

This decision provides for a variety of uses and as such is not expected to have a measureable effect on local businesses reliant on recreational users and uses on the Krassel Ranger District. This  on the information provided above, it is clear that the Payette National Forest has been operating within the regulations governing the administration of the Forest and there is no evidence of wrongdoing or illegal activities on the part of Payette National Forest employees.
  Scott Amos  you for writing President Obama. If you need further assistance, please contact Anthony Botello, Krassel District Ranger, at (208) 634-060I or by email  

Based on Yellow-Pine area (Community Profiles for Affected Economic Environment and 2006-2010 Idaho). These documents adequately assess the economic situation of, and anticipated effects to the Yellow-Pine community. In addition, no detailed information or analysis results that support the contention of flawed data or misrepresentation have been provided.

RICHARD W. SOWA, P.E:Director of Engineering
Forest Service 
Washington Office

Phone: 703-605-4962
Cellphone: 703-283-6866

Fax:      703-605-1542

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