Wednesday, March 22, 2017

County Declares Forest Service Emergency, Takes Back Management

Apache County Commissioners declare Forest Service mismanagement of local forests a "disaster", enact emergency eviction of BLM and Forest Service. 

The Apache County Commissioners issued a written statement which reads

  1. NOW THEREFOREhereby be it resolved that The Board of Supervisors of Apache County hereby asserts its inherent right to control and manage the roads, rights-of-way and routes of travel located within the UniteStates Forest Service land and Bureau of Land Management land located within the boundaries of Apache County but not located on any nationally recognized Indian reservation, tribal trust landor otherwise located on Indian Country; and
  2. ...
  3. BE IT FUTHER RESOLVED that any existing physical obstructions, gates or other impediments on any roads, rights-of-way or routes oftravel located on National Forest Service or Bureau of Land Management lands be immediately removed. The Apache County Sheriff is directed to ensure the removal of such obstructions or to execute such removals at the expense of the persons or agencies responsible for their placement or maintenance. Placing or maintaining any unauthorized physicaobstruction, gate or otherimpediment onin or around any roadroute o f travel or right-of wayin Apache County as described herein so as to prevent or impede thefree use ofthat roadroute oftravel or right-of-way is hereby designated a Class Two Misdemeanor and punishable pursuant toTitle J3 of the Arizona Revised Statutes ...”

The Tucson Sentinel reports:

   "The U.S. Forest Service and Apache County have launched a first-of-its-kind management plan to thin more than 90,000 acres of forest in hopes of preventing catastrophic fires like last year’s record Wallow Fire.
The partnership grew out of county accusations last year that decades of forest mismanagement by the Forest Service aggravated the Wallow Fire, the largest in the state’s history."


  1. Amen and hallelujia!!! Tell it brother! Tell it!! Please God let the other counties do the same! Maricopa and Pinal and Yavapai counties are you listening?

  2. The entire west needs to do that "NOW"

  3. It sure helps to have a Good Sheriff .. Obama would have sent in a huge Army to stop the peasants from Rebelling .. I have said for a long time USFS BLM Forrest mismanagement burns millions of acres of Forrest and causes more air pollution than all vehicles in North American combined ..

  4. Right on.. it's about time..

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