Friday, June 24, 2016

US Forest Service Destroyed Cabin Creek

 Why did the Forest Service waste millions of dollars destroying nearly everything at Cabin Creek? Only to waste even more money later to rebuild the airstrip and some structures they had previously destroyed?

Dewey Moore Cabin unlawfully destroyed by the US Forest Service in Big Creek, near Cabin Creek. 

*Although the top cabin shown reportedly survived US Forest Service pyromaniac tendencies, dozens others were unlawfully destroyed. Few photos exist of the cabins the Forest Service chose to destroy at Cabin Creek. Above photo is typical of the ones destroyed but does not represent a particular cabin destroyed by the Payette National Forest *

"There are some men running government who shouldn't be allowed to play with matches" --- Will Rogers, US Congressman and Famous Actor

I will try to explain the Forest Service mindset to you in the same way as I would explain a toddler repetively sticking metal objects into electrical outlets: most aren't smart enough to figure out what they are doing ultimately hurts them the most.

 The Forest Service's main goal is the implementation of UN Agenda 21, which is designed to force all people to live in cities. And to reduce the world human population to less than 550 million. 

Most people who work for the Forest Service have never read the UN Agenda 21 Treaty George H. W. Bush signed in 1992 and have no clue what the end game seems to be at the agencies they work for. *Again,  see toddler sticking forks in the electrical outlets reference above *.

The average capacity of the typical Forest Service employee mind is not far beyond that of a toddler, alligator,  crude beast. It doesn't know why that it wants or does not want. And is driven more by instincts than free, intelligent thinking. 

Most Forest Service employees are driven by one basic instinct:  that they enjoy locking people out of public lands which are supposed to belong to everyone. Followed by the pleasure sensors of their tiny, reptilian type brains which seem to enjoy burning down families' homes or helping destroy local economies.

Remember Jurassic Park where the tiny brained reptiles figured out how to open door handles? Or Godzilla using his fire breathing to burn up entire cities (which Forest Rangers are undoubtedly jealous of)?

In similar fashion, pea-brained Forest Rangers have figured out how to operate matches. And seem to have unhealthy obsessions with them.

Again,  pure instinct driven, Forest Service rangers feel compelled to light matches in hot, dry conditions in the same manner moths are instinct driven to fly into flames. Or lemmings jump off of cliffs.

    USFS unlawfully burning cabin at Big Creek.  Photo courtesy of T.G. Many dozens of family homes at Cabin Creek were destroyed in similar fashion by the Payette National Forest Management. At Chamberlain Basin, the Forest Service unlawfully destroyed archaeological important artifacts without doing studies required under section 106 of the National Historical Preservation Act. 

They don’t know,  or have any real capacity to know why they do it. But are instinctually driven to do so without rational thought given for what the consequences might be.

In fact,  the typical Forest Service employee brain is incapable of understanding causal relationships, much like a fish has no idea why biting a hook will end its life in short fashion. But I digress.....

What the Forest Service did at Cabin Creek epitomizes UN Agenda 21. The Forest Service destroyed the only access road to a town of roughly 50 people. The Forest Service then used eminent domain or made landowners "an offer you can't refuse" to force them off the lands. The Forest Service then at great taxpayer expense flew a bulldozer into a remote landing strip one piece at a time, since they had already ripped out the road to the tiny town.

The Forest Service,  at great expense to the public,  reassembled the bulldozer and used it to destroy the entire town with the exception of a tiny portion of the town, including at least five buildings listed on
the National Register of Historical Places.

 The Forest Service then destroyed the air strip so that recreational fliers could not use it, leaving no way to get the bulldozer back out either.

At much taxpayer dollars wasted, the Forest Service used the bulldozer to dig a very large hole and then drove the bulldozer into the hole. Sabotaged the engine. Covered it over with hand shovels, then walked out.

But the waste of taxpayer money did not end there, unfortunately. A few years later,  the Forest Service decided that the airstrip would benefit them the most so they went back in and rebuilt it. It just isn’t possible to have much foresight with brains the sizes of squirrels and lizzards.

*I apologize if this offends squirrels and lizzards, which seem to be much more intelligent than your average Forest Service planner*

Around 2001, the Forest Service used the airstrip as a base for firefighters to put out a wildfire approximately 30,000 acres.

Remember those five cabins on the National Register of Historical Places? 

Senior PNF leaders were in charge of the small army of professional fire fighters who successfully just put out a very large raging wildfire. 

According to the criminal investigation into the unlawful destruction of the five historical landmarks at Cabin Creek,  senior PNF leaders were burning garbage to clean up the fire camp as the army of professional firefighters were leaving their campsites. *See instinctually driven to light matches reference above*

Supposedly,  hot ambers from that burning garbage escaped and "accidentally " burned down at least five cabins in excess of 120 years old, with no other witnesses to counter the official account.

Leaving only a very few of the original buildings in place, that escaped the "burning garbage" PNF officials intentionally lit on fire.  Which the Payette National Forest will undoubtedly "accidentally" intentionally set on fire the next time the opportunity presents itself.

Mind you,  these are the same people responsible for burning dozens of historical homes on both public and private lands, including Jim Adkins house on private lands at Stibnite. As well as destroying thousands of miles of public rights of way that taxpayers have been using to access their forests for over a century. 

If a group of professional firefighters is so careless and incompetent that they can't even control burning garbage,  should they really be in charge of a fire crew? Or be trusted with public dollars? So that they can rob the American people of even more national treasures listed on the National Register of Historical Places?

Scott Amos

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