Monday, April 24, 2017

Bridge to Nowhere

Updated 09/19/2017

 $1.3 million bridge that the Forest Service built using taxpayer money and Bonneville Power Administration funds. This bridge is off limits to all but hikers and the seven owners of trophy homes which often are not utilized for years at a time.

To clear up a point about the $1.3 million bridge:
The landowners never asked for a bridge. In fact: one land owner built a bridge. The Forest Service fined him for building a bridge without a permit, then forcibly removed the bridge he built. 
The Forest Service then proposed using eminent domain to forcibly remove the landowners similarly to what they did at Cabin Creek
When the landowners refused to kowtow to abusive forest rangers, and began fighting back, suddenly the Forest Service saw it to be in their best interest to build a bridge and appease the landowners. And local lawmakers, who were curious why the Forest Service was unlawfully blocking access to private property....

Forest Service and indian tribes waste federal money ripping out culverts. The Forest Service claims fish aren't smart enough to swim through culverts, or that culverts cause "velocity barriers" to fish.

Update: Forest Service spends additional taxpayer money paving both sides of the  $375,000 culvert replacement project on Big Creek,  to "reduce sediment".

This 10 ft high waterfall is less than 100 yards upstream of the culvert the Forest Service replaced, because the Forest Service said the culvert "impeded fish passage ". Notice the burned logs and woody debris, sediment clogging the top of the waterfall, which stemmed from the 850,000 acre Cascade Complex Fire. Apparently, it is "good" for fish, but dust from roads is not.



Forest Service wastes $375,000 on culvert and bridge the Forest Service built to "replace an existing culvert" it claims "impeded fish passage".

. Maybe that's true. But the Forest Service replaced a culvert 100 yards downstream from a 10 ft. high waterfall. So according to the Forest Service, a fish that cannot swim through an 8 ft. diameter culvert due to "velocity", is the same fish that will jump a 10 ft. high waterfall a meer 100 yards upstream?
The price tag for this nonsense? $375,000. Just upstream from the Lick Creek trailhead where the aforementioned groups spent $1.3 million on a similar project.




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