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How America Made the World a Better and More Prosperous Place

It has been known by those of us who work in the resource industries for quite some time, that the basic building blocks for America's economy come from the land. This  includes timber, oil, gas, rare earth minerals, gold, silver, lead, zinc and literally thousands of minerals which cannot be synthesized. While it is true that recycling is a good practice, you must first remove the raw elements from the land before they are available to recycle. Once removed from the earth, then and only then can certain elements and minerals be recycled millions of times over.

America has perfected these techniques perhaps better than any other nation in the world, and the rise in prosperity of average Americans has outpaced the world by more than 40 times.

                                   Old miner's cabin on Profile Summit
Typical American home from the 1920s. 6 feet high
ceiling, to save on heating. Less than 200 square
feet of living space to accomodate an entire family.
No plumbing, electricity, or ammenities of any sort.
Going to the bathroom at night required slippers, a candle
and possibly a shotgun if furry critters with claws were
roaming around. I camped in this cabin as a boy. It's a
huge setback from modern life to see how people lived back
then in America, and how the majority of the world's population
still lives.

Most persons today take all that which surrounds us, our television, IPOD, computer, cars, stereos for granted. Many people are disconnected from the long and harrowing road the elements took on their journey from the time they were extracted from the earth, processed, shipped, sold, repeatedly, before all falling into perfect harmony into the items you now see before you.

Most persons do not know, in America, in 1905, that old age was simply 45 years old. And that your life expectancy has been dramatically INCREASED through breakthrough developments in the mining industry, which make other wonders like medicine, farming, research and development possible. Case in point: Russia. Where life expectancy is still a meager 52 years old. And which has a flailing mining industry, light-years behind that of America and Canada.

Joseph A. Holmes said it best (circa 1880s) when he stated "The most patriotic act a man can do is work in a mine." It would then follow, the most "unpatriotic act" a person could do, is to actively OPPOSE exploration and development of minerals America uses, to the betterment of the human cause the world over.

Example: Most people are not aware that the Barringer Meteor Crater, otherwise often referred to as the "Winslow" meteor crater in Arizona, was developed by D. M. Barringer in the early part of the 20th century, as an attempt to recover the meteor thought to still exist at the bottom of the crater. In the early 1900s, Barringer had estimated the size of the meteorite at "in excess of a million tons."  And that, had he been successful, America would be far more prosperous than it already is as a direct result.

Even without the riches Barringer might have contributed, America is doing pretty darned well as opposed to the rest of the world.

87% of the world population today lives on less than $2/day. This is where America was more than 150 years ago, but has crawled out of the proverbial ooze pit and left the rest of the world behind. Advances in mining have brought America to the greatest nation on earth you now see before you.

In 1855 America, a ton of iron rails for the railroad cost more than $85 on average. *1]  This was more than 120 days wages for the average American worker in 1855. From 1872 to 1882, the price of U.S.-produced steel rail dropped from $140 a ton to $35 a ton, and production rocketed from 90,000 tons to 1.5 million tons.*2]
In 1872, in today's prices, iron rails for the railroad would cost nearly $4,000 per ton. However, the current going rate for rail steel is somewhere around $420 per ton, or about 1/10th the cost it was in the 1870s.

The average American can now buy one ton of steel with 2-4 days wages, a sharp contrast to the 120 days wages from 1855.

We now can afford items never dreamed of in 87% of the world today, and in the America of 100-150 years ago. Iron has gotten so expendable to the point it's an item found in most garbage cans in American households. We throw away more wealth in 5 years, than the majority of the world will see in their shorter-than-American average lifetimes.

Forces are at work to weaken America from within, as a nation

Since the radical 1960s shifts in policy against states' rights, county rights, mining, logging, and virtually every extraction process known to man under the sun has come under fire from environmental groups. To me, the son of a man who lost his job in the early 1980s as a direct result of environmental groups suing,  the current collapse of America's economy was easily predictable. And it is still obivious to me that many well intentioned people are being used as pawns in the battle for America's existence.

We all want clean air. We all want clean water. What we don't want, are communist nations getting into bed with environmental activists, inside our nation, to destroy our way of life.

For some time now, I have been warning congressmen, senators, newspaper outlets, that China is using environmental groups and America's own laws, regulations, policies and rules against us.This is particularly true with rare earth minerals, where China controls 97% of the world supply/production, even though the largest reserves in the world are here in the northwest.

I've even gone so far as to walk into senator Jim Risch's office and given a very lengthy, in depth speech as to why I lose sleep at night knowing our congressman and senators are proposing more wilderness. Not because I like to ride atvs and snowmobiles, but because I know for a fact there are no mines currently producing rare earth minerals in the USA. And that our best bet for ensuring the security of our nation DEPENDS on extraction of rare earth minerals, which exist in high quantities near lands soon to be locked away by CIEDRA..

Now back to my rant about communists' activities within our borders!

Indeed, the communist pary USA, which has ties both to China, Russia, the KGB, and which openly supports democratic candidates, pushes an enviro-utopia-agenda, where all the birds, bees, bear, alligators and people hold hands/flippers/paws/insect-thingies and sing "Kum-by-ya." Here's a direct link to the Communist Party USA which states some of the afore-mentioned facts:

Of course, you have to go to THIS link to see the ties between Russia, the KGB, China, and the Democratic Party, many current members such as Hillary Clinton, which were openly supported and endorsed by communist China, Bob Trueff of the San Francisco Communist Party, etc.:

It is with a heavy heart I say that America is losing the cultural war with environmental extemism, and being forced to surrender to communist agendas. What better way to defeat America than to sign on willing soldiers, such as the Sierra Club, within our ranks? Chinese officials have often been spotted attending events with such groups as the Sierra Club, including this encounter documented on the Sierra Club's own website: "Peng and seven other Chinese delegates dropped by the Sierra Club's headquarters this summer after completing monthlong internships with U.S. environmental organizations, including the Club."

At face value, China's willingness to work with and support those groups which knowingly and willfully cripple the American economy seem like a "great social experiment." Digging a little deeper, it's not hard to find actual harmful mal-intent from multiple environmental groups against American industry. Such as the latest scandal, involving an offer "not to sue"  or misuse the public scoping and comment period on a 680 mile long El Paso pipeline proposal if the builder agreed to spend more than $20 million. It calls for the Houston-based company to spend $15 million to set up a conservation fund for the Idaho-based Western Watersheds Project and $5 million to create a fund for the Oregon Natural Desert Foundation.

Just recently I talked with a manager of a company who claimed Western Watersheds similarly approached his company and offered not to comment during the NEPA process if the company agreed to pay Western Watersheds $1 MILLION up front, before the proposal was made public.

While it is controversial to say communist entities directly fund and partner with environmental groups to bring America's prosperity down, there can be no doubt these groups share the communists desire to hit Americans where it hurts the most, in their pocketbooks.

In a timespan of less than 10 years, 8 environmental groups filed more than 450 lawsuits against the federal government and received more than $4.7 BILLION of tax-payers' hard earned cash. This money is often used to hire more lawyers, then file MORE lawsuits, and gain MORE taxpayer money, until the cycle ultimately bankrupts most federal agencies and prevents them from performing their congressional mandated work, spending all their time, energy, and budget dealing with rabid environmental lawyers.


Scott Amos

A proud supporter/defender of the US Constitution and American pursuit of life, liberty and happiness as a way of life
Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.

Ronald Wilson Reagan (1911-2004)

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