Wednesday, October 20, 2010

RARE EARTH MINERALS: A Rare Look at Common Sense Thrown to the Wind, How the USA Was Defeated From Within

USFS is noted for incompetence, arrogance and stupidity. Now actions undertaken by them [or others] also fall into the category just short of treasonous!

China rapidly developing military, economic might and muster, seeks to dominate world economy and become next world superpower:

I hate saying "I told you so." But regarding our now critical dependence on rare earth minerals, I've been trying to get the attention of important people for several months now, as well as most everyone I know.
Earlier this year I had predicted that China would cut off shipments of rare earth minerals to the United States and Europe, citing short supply vs a very large domestic demand.
Honestly, I had believed it would be a few years away. As all of us now know, the Chinese have had the power for many years to cut off the supply of critical elements at any time.
Of particular importance and in extremely short supply were our national supplies of rare earths.
Rare earths are used for everything from laptops, cell phones, satellites, F-35 fighter jets and other CRITICAL components our modern society has become dependent upon.
F-35 fighter jets such as the one shown above rely heavily upon several extremely low supply "rare earth" minerals.

In a recent show of muscle over a minor dispute, China effectively put Japan's economy into a tailspin by refusing to export rare earths to that country. Now China, increasingly running low on supply while increasing it's own domestic demand, has shut down exports to the USA and Europe. Future F-35 fighter jets and other high tech gadgets will undoubtedly be losing their luster, relying on old technologies. In some cases, it is likely certain technologies will go extinct as no replacements likely exist.

In essence, China's actions have likely crippled our military, economy, and weakened the US on the world stage. 
Today I was forwarded this report that indeed, China has stopped shipments of rare earth minerals to the USA and Europe. And there are currently no rare earth mineral producing mines in the United States.
This is sad, because one of the biggest known reserves in the world is right here in Idaho. However, bureaucratic red tape, over-zealous god-like regulatory agencies with personal agendas have effectively jeopardized our national security at the same time, putting untold numbers of Americans out of work.

While the wave of "shut down all mining" has been sweeping across the USA with record support, including recent passage of HR 5101 and "connecting corridors wilderness", people have become less and less educated and MORE dependent upon the very resources they unwittingly were locking up in "scenic areas" and "wilderness."

Anti-mining has effectively been spoon fed to gradeschool children all across the USA, while those same schools used the very minerals they were trying to stop Americans from digging out of the dirt.
For those of you who are interested, the stock of the company which MAY or MAY NOT someday be allowed to operate in Idaho to recover said critical minerals has jumped from $8/share to $13/share in a surprisingly short time frame.
If mining were to start today, it would be FIVE YEARS before one ounce of usable product reaches US markets and manufacturers of critical military hardware.
In the article listed above, the following statement is very true about what's about to be the result of poor resource planning by people in Washington, regulatory agencies spending all their time on trivial issues.

Regarding the exporting of Chinese rare earths, soon to cease:
It's time to put petty difference aside and start doing what's best for America. Because "what's not best" for America has been happening for far too long.

Rural town unlawfully imprisoned by USFS
More USFS crimes here
Scott Amos

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