Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Forest Service Commits Arson on Private Land



It took FIVE repetitive Freedom of Information Act requests and threat of lawsuit before the Payette National Forest Management Team begrudgingly provided the smoking gun which proves they violated the National Historical Preservation Act. Along with private property rights of the Adkins and Oberbilling Estate. Ironically,  the receipt for committing terrorist acts against private landowners is dated "9/11", 1998.

After overwhelming evidence that the Payette National Forest Management Team abused their positions, power and authority, the only reasonable question left is: "why are they not in prison?"

As my investigation into illegal conduct committed by the USFS continues, please accept these updates to PREVIOUS criminal complaints I've filed with the US Attorney General, Idaho Attorney General, Valley County Prosecuting Attorney, Valley County Sherriff's Office, and the USDA Office of the Inspector General.

Please find HERE more PROOF the Payette National Forest KNOWINGLY AND WILLFULLY destroyed a home which was located on private property. This was obtained, after MULTIPLE FOIA requests, and threat of a lawsuit, from the Payette National Forest head office in McCall.
Per interviews with the former mine manager, the surveyor for Dakota Mining Inc, and the homeowner, I have been able to ascertain it was the HOUSE which was on private property. A seperate tool shed/shop was present which Jim Adkins had later constructed upon unpatented mining claims.

Reviewing public land maps, available for $1 per copy at the Valley County recorder's office, I further assert this house was in fact on 100% private property! You can't drive to it's former location, as the landowner today has locked gates, private property and no trespassing signs posted on the road leading to where this historic property was destroyed.

I attempted to photograph remnants of it from across the river, but noted the private property INFACT is on both sides of the EFSF Salmon River. And that no USFS property gets very close to where this house used to sit.

That is why, with 98% probability, I assert: The Payette National Forest, never an organization to waste a good opportunity to bully a private landowner into "restoring habitat" on lands which aren't public,  did knowingly and willfully engage in illegal conduct.

This immoral, unethical and illegal conduct included enticing an unwillingly partner (Stibnite Mine) to help the USFS not only VIOLATE the Antiquities and National Historical Preservation Acts, but to become an unwilling partner in arson of private property on private land. Ultimately, it was not Minven or Dakota Mining, owners of Stibnite Mine, which burned down this historic former doctor's home, and Bradley Mining Office, listed on the National Register of Historical Places, which includes, but not limited to, the ENTIRE STIBNITE MINING DISTRICT!!!

It was a contractor hired by the Krassel Ranger district of the Payette National Forest. MANY upper level management, to include then forest supervisor Fred Dauber, had been warned both in WRITING and VERBALLY in front of DOZENS OF WITNESSES (including myself) that destroying this historic house and the Boyscout cabin was in direct violation of the law.

AFTER these skirmishes and confrontations, and after illegal sanctionst AGAINST the mine, to include witholding unrelated operating permits, did Mr. Bork, mine manager finally agree to USFS terms regarding these historical buildings.

This home had been moved from it's original location near Garnet creek, onto additional private property owned by the Oberbilling estate and leased to Dakota Mining.

During an interview with Mr. Oberbilling, former estate manager for the Oberbilling estate, on or about July 1992, (BEFOREAdkins' home was destroyed) I asked him WHY he stood by and did NOTHING as the USFS burned DOZENS of historic buildings I witnessed, on his private property?!!? His answer was simply this: The tired, teary-eyed old man, too choked up for words managed to get out a very tearful, angry response saying "there's just nothing I can do to stop them!!!"

Later, I figured out he meant the USFS was threatening him with turning his family heritage into a CERCLA site which would ultimately BANKRUPT the family legacy. Sadly, after getting away with what could only be called ARSON for DECADES, the USFS, after burning the last intact structures at Stibnite, both on private or publicly administered lands, screwed the Oberbilling estate and Dakota Mining by doing what they had been threatening to do for YEARS!!!

Sadly, MANY of the USFS rangers who committed the above crime, have NOT been held accountable for their actions.

Several of them continue to break laws, in their official capacity, sanctioned and justified by the NEW forest supervisor Suzanne Rainville. Who not only looks the other way while they commit their crimes, but solicits AWARDS and MEDALS for the same people who burned down Jim Adkins' house.

Does this mean she is the same kind of person who would burn down Adkins' house? You are who you associate yourself with.
Suzanne Rainville's associates include known arsonists, would-be burglars and felons who stole private property from the Big Creek Lodge, destroyed private property on the Jones' claims, distorted official USFS documents to suit their evil purposes, and have been seen leaving the crime scenes of MULTIPLE private dwellings destroyed by fire.

I do not say this lightly, when I say both the current, and FORMER Payette National Forest management team are corrupt, abusive, unapproachable, unaccountable, unethical, immoral, unrepentent criminally-minded and unforgivable.


Scott Amos
A proud supporter/defender of the US Constitution and American pursuit of life, liberty and happiness as a way of life

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Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.

Ronald Wilson Reagan (1911-2004)


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