Friday, June 2, 2017

"Settled" Science?

"Settled science"?
That's what the Forest Service and BLM call the global warming propaganda posted all over their websites.

 Remember that time Al Gore,  Ted Kennedy,  Newsweek,  Time Magazine said that "man made pollution" was "blocking out the sun" and "would soon cause another ice age"? I guess the "science" was "settled" then, too?

 If you are not open to discussion,  which bureacrats dependent upon "climate change study" grants generally are not: it is no longer "science". It becomes dogma and doctrine, which is the antithesis of "science". Anyone who has ever studied "science", especially "earth science"(geology, such as yours truly, not to brag) knows that it is never "settled". Or, carved in stone. Not even geology.

The doom and gloomers predict that a warmer earth will be detrimental to thousands of species. Yet those of us who study the geologic record know that roughly 65 million years ago, there was no snow or ice across 97% of the planet.

 However, four times more plant and animal species existed as compared to now. Palm trees and crocodiles lived in Antarctica and the arctic circle.

Compare that to 650 million years ago when only 100 miles wide of liquid water around the equator existed and the rest of earth was in a deep freeze for almost one billion years.

So even if earth were to be in a warming trend (it's not. Especially when factoring in the margin of error and limited recording instruments even today)...geologically speaking: that would be very good for the majority of species living on earth.

Until our sun becomes a giant red dwarf and consumes our entire solar system in about the same amount of time it would take to get any of true believers to stop drinking the kool aid and think for yourselves....but I digress.....


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