Thursday, May 18, 2017

Dept of Interior Brags About "Stealing" Land.

What you are about to see is everything wrong about the Forest Service, National Park Service and BLM detailed in one video.

At what appears to be a video of a Forest Service or National Park Service convention, high level officials joke and brag about "stealing" money from taxpayers to "steal" land from two elderly miners and WWII veterans, for 1/20th of the assessed value.

This is a very common and very predatory practice the Forest Service often uses against the sick and elderly, but it isn't often that you find them BRAGGING about it in public forums. Or BRAGGING about "stealing" taxpayer money.

I will let you watch the video and decide for yourself if this is conduct or language becoming of "public servants". Warning: I recommend having a barf bag handy, and only watching it from the seated position.

This video reportedly is of the retirement party for Mary Martin, a high level federal employee.

Persons identified in the video and their positions within the federal government have been chronicled here:

Scott Amos 

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