Thursday, March 9, 2017

Letter to President Trump

Here is a copy of the letter I sent to President Trump:

Contact the White House here:

Dear President Trump,

I know that you have promised to reign in out of control federal agencies and wasteful government spending.

You will not find any more out of control or wasteful government agencies than the US Forest Service Payette National Forest.

I have watched for decades as out of control forest rangers enter unlawfully onto private land, evict elderly citizens such as Jim and Gerri Adkins, Ed, Dewey Moore, Bill Darling, Lafe and Emma Cox, the Kissinger family.....the Gilihan family....Kenny and Marvin Jones.....the McRae family .... along with many others and then burn down their homes. Even though many were on PRIVATE land, as was the case with Jim and Gerri Adkins home.

Dewey Moore's cabin being burned by the Payette National Forest 

Jim and Gerri Adkins home at Stibnite, Idaho. Unlawfully destroyed by the Payette National Forest management even though it was on PRIVATE land and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 

The Forest Service of course denies any wrongdoing. Especially in the hour long phone call I had with Krassel District Ranger Anthony Botello, who accused me of lying about witnessing my friends' family legacies being bulldozed to the ground and burned right in front of them.

Anthony Botello was laughing at me when I discussed the fact that I consoled an 80 year old man after the Payette National Forest burned his house down that his family had lived in for 40 years.

Botello further berated and belittled me when I said that the Forest Service should be held accountable to the same standards everyone else is regarding preserving our nation's landmarks and history as required by the 1966 National Historical Preservation Act.

The smug condescending attitude rangers like Botello exemplify is not limited to just the Payette National Forest. Indeed, small communities across the west are being intentionally overrun and destroyed by rangers like Anthony Botello who seemingly do not believe that private citizens have the right to own property in or near "his" forest.  And rangers like him and Joe Harper have actually told county commissioners such as Gordon Cruickshank: "we are going to do what we want to do, and if you don't like it then sue us".

The list of attrocities committed by the Payette National Forest grows daily, but I have tried to paint a glimpse of the lawlessness the Forest Service is known for here:

I thoroughly support Congressman Raul Labrador and his proposal for turning management of federal lands over to the states.


Scott Amos

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