Saturday, July 16, 2016

Getting Burned Alive

The Review Journal (editorial) has pointed out an important point. That the US Forest Service would seemingly  rather watch the nation's forests burn to the ground than see a single stick of timber be put to constructive use.

 Aftermath of the 2007 wildfire season where wildfires burned up more than 850,000 acres of pristine endangered species habitat within Idaho, while USFS officials did little or nothing to fight the fire in the early stages. Nine years later, the Forest Service has done little or nothing to clean up the horrendous mess, as they are too busy harassing the public by ripping out roads or burning cabins on private property.

Ironic, since the US Forest Service was created in large part to manage timber on public lands as a cash crop, paying billions of dollars per year toward public schools and other public venues in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

In fact,  during that time frame, the US Forest Service contributed a net positive cash flow into the US Treasury. Putting more money into the taxpayer funded system than the annual operating budget required to run the agency. Making it one of a very few self reliant and self sustaining entities within the entirety of the federal government.

Those days are now long gone. Now the Forest Service sucks billions of dollars per year away from other public entities. Feeding off limited taxpayer resources which should be put to more constructive outlets, such as public education and highways. Which once benefited from the existence of the Forest Service, instead of competing with it for taxpayer dollars.

Likewise, the overall health of the nation's forests has suffered dramatic and catastrophic consequences of the good intentions coming out of Washington.

Forests which were planted by Roosevelt's CCC Corps in the 1930s for future harvests are now part of massive wildfires that can be seen from the International Space Station.

The few blackened trees that were not instantly vaporized by the intense heat of an overabundant fuel load are left to rot and waste and clog up city water sources and recreational boating areas. While rain forests are clear cut at the rate of several football fields per minute halfway round the world  then imported via greenhouse gas belching ships and transport vehicles within a few hundred yards of the standing dead timber left to rot and waste by the US Forest Service.

The same Forest Service which will undoubtedly be begging billions of dollars from the taxpayers to clean up the giant messes left in the wakes of ever increasing megamillion acre wildfires, bug infestations, etc.

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