Monday, July 11, 2011

Forest Service Blames "Global Warming" for Lack of Management Skill

Whenever I run across forest service employees, it is often the case our discussion turns to burned up, destroyed or bark-beetle infested forests.

Four years later, and the record wildfires of 2007 are still destroying forests, streams and county roads.

Usually, the cultic, stereo-typical response is "global warming" is causing the forest to be destroyed. As shown and parroted by Tom Tidwell, USFS Chief, who says it's really "climate change" destroying our nation's forest, and not his incompetent list of buffoons he calls "forest supervisors".

So, here's an interesting question I have: If the forest is indeed failing due to "climate change" then WHY has the earth's average temperature gone DOWN by 0.74 degrees over the last 15 years?

Here's that "climate change" we're all hearing about, which caused the worst FREEZE and largest crop losses in more than 50 years:

According to the USFS, this should be a GOOD thing for our nation's forests, but yet we STILL are having the worst wildfires in the history of the earth, according to the geologic record? And trees which have survived for more than 10,000 years are now being destroyed by disease and record wildfires?

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