Monday, June 13, 2011

Mudslide Caused by Forest Fires

Wildfires and their devastating effects on the landscape are INCREASING!

That's according to the Associated Press article:

"Arizona blaze part of new era — more big wildfires"

Trees burn in a burnout fire as firefighters battle the Wallow Fire in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, Ariz., Sunday, June 12, 2011. Roughly 7, AP – Trees burn in a burnout fire as firefighters battle the Wallow Fire in the Apache-Sitgreaves National …
WASHINGTON – The fires searing parts of the West are an eerie echo of the past, a frightening reminder of a once terrible danger that had been held largely at bay for decades.
The number of large wildfires has been rising for roughly the past 25 years, and they are lasting longer amid fire seasons that also last longer.
Is it global warming? Experts won't say that, pointing instead to a variety of factors ranging from local weather to insect infestations to more people living and camping out in the woods."

Story continues:

Four years later, and the 850,000 acre forest fire the Payette Nation Forest let run unabated is still wreaking havoc on county roads, at the cost of MILLIONS of dollars per year!

The fire damaged hillside, unable to handle the accelerated melting snow, caused by the blackened hillside, gave way this spring.

It turned Profile Creek into a gooey-mud-filled mess, with the hundreds of cubic yards, thousands of tons of ash, sludge and muck it deposited in prime fish spawning beds.

Blackened hillside gave way four years after the slope stabilizing trees and vegetation
were destroyed by fire. Note: Blackened hillsides accelerate snow melt, as compared
to healthy green hillsides, which further inflicts damage to areas devastated by

Seen here, mud and filth ran all the way across the road, down the slope,
and into Profile Creek

Mud running off from burned area, heading toward Profile Creek

Merger of Profile Creek (left) with the East Fork of the South Fork of the Salmon
River (right). Mud from the recent slides is easily distinguishable in the left fork contributed by
Profile Creek.


  1. We see this over and over again throughout the forest.

  2. when will it be cleared??

  3. I'm sure the county will have a road punched through it by July 4th. It's passable by atvs......if you're willing to work for it!

  4. But isn't this part of the plan of the Wildlands Project? To intentionally destroy forests to keep people out in the name of 'biodiversiy'? I believe it to be just more of the same UN Agenda 21. In 2012, let's vote in someone who will get us out of the UN.

  5. It's been over a month now and this slide is still moving. The road to Big Creek is still closed. Yes, this is another tactic used by the US Forest Service to force small rural communities out of existence: Deny them access to their private property then approach the land owners with offers to buy them out.