Thursday, January 13, 2011

Idaho Governor Butch Otter Tells US Dept. of Inferior "ENOUGH!!!"

Idaho Governor Butch Otter Tells US Dept. of Inferior "ENOUGH!!!"

Posted by Scott Amos at 6:48pm
In a very blunt letter, and deservingly so, governor Butch Otter has stood up to Obama's appointed land-grabber-czar Ken Sala"Czar."
Idaho Governor Butch Otter

US Dept. of Inferior Secretary Ken Salazar
ordered lands to be locked away from public
uses through secretarial order

In the last days of the lame duck session, congress refused to pass public law HR 5101 which would lock up 58.5 million acres in 44 states. Sensing a public backlash, a fearful congress, already feeling the pains of the November 2 election made a wise move and put the vote off on the incoming 112th congress.

A disappointed secretary of the Department of the Inferior Ken Salazar, not one to take "no" for an answer, circumvented congress and the will of the American people. As is usually the case, the Dept. of Inferior, BLM and USFS "pretend" to accept public comments. As was the case with the Payette National Forest travel plan, 98% of the hundreds of comments the public submitted were thrown in the garbage, ignored. Forest supervisors, regional foresters' oppinions apparently supercede the US Constitution and will of the American people.

 Ken Salazar, either a flunky of economics, or just enjoying his god-like unaccountable powers has created millions of acres of defacto wilderness. In one fell swoop, without congressional oversight or public approval: issued a secretarial order # 3310.

Opportunities for estimated hundreds of thousands of forest/rangeland dependent jobs will now be lost. Including green jobs such as biomass generation facilities which turn dead underbrush into electricity or ethanol.

No one feels the pain of this recession worse than Adams and Valley counties in Idaho, with 19.5% unemployment in Adams and 17.5% in Valley county. These once thriving logging communities have watched unemployment skyrocket as a result of Clinton era legislation. Now, as if that weren't enough, Ken Salazar has added himself to the list of jobs-killing do-gooder know-it-alls.

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