Sunday, January 16, 2011

California Representative Tom McClintock on USFS Crimes

True to his word, Tom McClintock has been listening to the American people. On 01/07/2011, Tom McClintock addressed the house floor regarding crimes committed by the United States Forest Service.

A nice video of representative Tom McClintock on the house floor:

Representative McClintock stated a "high" number of people are calling him to complain of abuses, crimes and totalitarianism enacted by local rangers as abusive as those found on the Payette National Forest.

He likened what's happening with the USFS today as to what the king of England did in mideavel times, declaring 1/3 of England to be "the king's forest."

I encourage members to call Tom McClintock and thank him for listening to those of us who are afflicted by abusive USFS employees.

Contact him at:
Tom McClintock

United States Congress
District:4th District
Party: Republican
<span>1700 Eureka Road, Ste 170</span>
Roseville, CA, 95661

Join our cause to fight USFS corruption, abuse:

Scott Amos

Front view of Superintendent Cabin at Sunnyside on Thunder Mountain. 1930s or older.

Website documenting USFS arson of historical cabins here:

Cinnabar Idaho. Bunkhouse, pre-1950. The bunkhouse was built in sections. The newer section in the left of photo was wiped out by an avalanche, year unknown. The road to this historic ghost town is currently scheduled for obliteration by the Payette National Forest. There are four active lawsuits regarding access to this historic town. A criminal complaint was filed with the USDA Office of the Inspector General for rogue Payette National Forest employees destroying structures at this town. The entire town is located on private property, which doesn't seem to phase arson-happy PNF employees. If you want to save this building contact the arson-happy Payette National Forest at (208) 634-0700. Website documenting USFS arson here:

I guess I will be risking jail time by driving to my property?

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