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The Criminal Organization Formerly Referred to as the USFS or Payette National Forest

Numerous Violations of Federal Ethics Rules, Laws by the Payette National Forest

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The Payette National Forest Service routinely engages in entering onto private property illegally, and unlawfully burning down homes.
 Which, I might add,  were specifically protected by the National Historical Preservation Act of 1966.

Here is one such USFS official, in his own words, who has publicly claimed that Yellow Pine and the surrounding communities should be allowed to burn to the ground.
It was USFS rangers such as our fusee friend who likely "burned Cabin Creek" to the ground, just to show us citizens "who's really in charge." Wildfire did not burn Cabin Creek. According to the USFS official report of events, "firefighters" burning their garbage at the end of putting out a massive wildfire, lost control of their burning garbage which destroyed FIVE buildings protected by the National Historical Preservation Act.

*Fussy fusee USFS fire fighter talks about "let Yellow Pine burn" here:

This and hundreds of other historical cabins were unlawfully burned by rogue USFS Rangers who work for the Payette National Forest.

This cabin at Stibnite, Idaho (a historical district) was listed on the National Register of Historical Places and protected by the National Historical Preservation Act of 1966.

A receipt retained from the Krassel ranger district through FOIA shows $6990 of taxpayer money was used to burn the cabin pictured above to the ground. This house was located on private property. The USFS unlawfully burned it to the ground while the owner was fighting for his life in the hospital and was not there to prevent Payette National Forest arsonists from committing their crimes.

Historical videos of Stibnite here:
More history about Stibnite here:

Click here for more historical photos!

Video of more cabins illegal arson aftermath here:
Picture of cabin remains on private property at Stibnite, unlawfully destroyed by Payette National Forest employees:

Historical TV/radio repeater tower between Cinnabar and Stibnite destroyed unlawfully by Payette National Forest:

Question: How does the USFS get away with burning historical buildings on private property?

Answer: By TRESPASSING, NO OVERSIGHT AND FALSIFYING NHPA studies, required by federal law!!!!

Payette National Forest Employees investigated for similar crimes in other ranger districts:

Get involved to help stop
Proposed Arson at a Town Named after President Theodore Roosevelt
Call the Payette National Forest at 208-634-0700 and tell them to stop violating the National Historical Preservation Act (NHPA)!!!!!

Spread the word. Every invitation counts:


2) Unlawfully imprisoning entire towns, denying citizens the right to medical treatment while suffering from heart attacks and other illnesses. Iron gates were installed to lock up rural residents as if they were cattle, and to unlawfully leave the gate unattended. Such actions resulted in a high degree of danger to residents who had no phones or feasible means to communicate with the outside world.
*photo proving unlawful imprisonment here:

Road to private property. Multiple private property
owners are being denied their basic access rights by this
unlawful gate on Three Mile Road.
Addtionally, five citizens and their vehicles
were unlawfully locked behind this gate on April 28th, 2010.
Patti Stieger of the Payette National
Forest drove down this road, found their vehicles unattended,
cited them, drove out and locked the gate. 
Her crimes then left the five US citizens who contribute to her paycheck
abandoned,alone to fend for themselves twenty miles from the nearest
Statement from unlawfully imprisoned citizen here:

Historical RS-2477 roadway
that Valley County is fighting for.
USFS told the County "we know it's likely your road,
but we're closing it anyway. And
if you DON'T like it, then sue us."

3) Forcing private property owners off their land, by illegally closing access roads, lighting fires which destroyed private property, then offering to buy them out for 1/3 the land value.

4) The method by which the PNF roads were closed DID NOT use appropriate NEPA public comment periods, in violation of the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA). The Payette National Forest unlawfully declared roads to be closed without ANY NEPA comment periods taking place. Their actions violate NEPA, the Forest Plan, the 2001 Roadless Rule, the Idaho Roadless Rule and just good old fashioned decency or plain common sense. Years later in the Big Creek and Yellow Pine Travel Plan, 2008 Travel Plan, Suzanne Rainville, PNF supervisor closed the roads again citing "no action" is being taken, relying on the previous unlawful actions as basis for closing the roads once more.

 After unlawfully declaring the roads closed, and facing imminent litigation from the local community, in their ignorance and arrogance the Payette National Forest IGNORED 360 pages of public comments demanding roads being left open. Favoring 4-5 pages which support road closures OVER the 360 pages which oppose.

Why the hell did they even have a public comment period, if the USFS choses to ignore 98% of the American public who took precious time out of their busy schedules to interact with the Payette National Forest? Just to watch Suzanne Rainville, backed by the USFS take a power trip and tell the overwhelming majority of the American public to go to hell? Or in the words of Joe Harper, Krassel district ranger "we're closing all the roads anyway and if you don't like it then sue us?!!"

Download public comments telling USFS not to break the law here:
5) Violating NEPA (again) by using a falsified socio-economic study that falsely states there to be "ONE" tourism job in the town of Yellow Pine, and "38 government workers." Travel plans put together by the incompetent buffoons at the Payette National Forest falsely state "The economy of Valley County is dependent upon tourism, with the exception of Yellow Pine."

 To set the record straight, in a community of only 45 people, there are eleven tourism dependent businesses, roughly 16 employees, and ZERO GOVERNMENT WORKERS WITH YELLOW PINE MAILING ADDRESSES!!!

See Falsified Socio-Economic Study Used by Payette:
This simple search, keyword "Yellow Pine" on PROVES the USFS falsified a socio-economic study required by federal law, otherwise known as NEPA


This website is devoted to honesty and openess in the federal government, particularly regarding the Payette National Forest and United States Forest Service.

Payette National Forest USFS personnel have a higher than national average belief that they are exempt from the federal code of ethics by which every other federal employee is bound, which states:

"1. Put loyalty to the highest moral principals and to country above loyalty to Government persons, party, or department.

2. Uphold the Constitution, laws, and legal regulations of the United States and of all governments therein and never be a party to their evasion."
"All governments therein" would include the states, counties, cities, associations and hamlets the USFS unlawfully abuses, ignores, bullies, intimidates and harass. "Evasion" means "avoiding, ignoring, disrespecting" local goverments, counties included. Like when Krassel District ranger Joe Harper told the Valley County commissioners "we don't care you claim these as county roads, we're closing them anyway. And if you don't like it then sue us (the USFS)."

Unlawful Imprisonment of Rural Towns
Interview About USFS Crimes
Falsification of NHPA Study to Unlawfully Burn Historical Log Cabin

For further information or comments, send me an email or call:

Scott Amos

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  2. such bull crap what they get away with
    thank you for posting this
    i had no idea about any of this

  3. I am just appalled with our USFA. I had no idea. I'd like to "trespass" to visit the owner of this property and stay with him/her until USFA came to arrest us.
    Lois Bancroft

  4. this is what the 2nd amendment is for. Defend our property !!!

  5. Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. I live in Idaho. I have heard there are issues with USFS here, however I had no Idea it was this extream. You explained the situation very well and included links. I will be contacting our state representatives and legislators.

  6. This 'travel plan' is ultimately designed to remove all people from all rural areas and hurd us into designated city scapes, thus leaving nature to restore itself naturally. what we need to see is the bigger picture. We no longer have a gov. that is by and for the people, but for an elete few.
    I am afraid that if we don't take back OUR country, there will no longer be an America as we once knew it. What will it take for the silent majority to wake out of a long slumber?

  7. ANOTHER NEEDED REFORM ! There are so many and it's going to take a while but a good start would be to out the malefactors already identified e.g.,Suzanne Rainville and Joe Harpe, then start ferreting out the rest of them. Obviously the USFS is a vitally necessary department of our government but it sounds like the mission of it may need to be re-defined and the people in charge re-trained in it.

  8. another big question is why would the usfs law enforcement have full automatic weapons. do they really need them or any weapon at all?

    1. Because they are afraid of bark beetles?