Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Up in Smoke

Start a fire accidentally or deliberately on private land, which spreads to BLM or Forest Service land: you will go to jail and/or be forced to pay for the cleanup and cost of fighting the fire.

But if you are a Forest Service employee who deliberately sets fires on public lands (or even private lands, as corrupt Payette National Forest Management are known for), you will face zero repercussions and not be forced to pay one dime in restitution.

Nor will you apparently face any criminal charges for willfully misusing public resources to destroy private property. 

Such as in the case of the Cerro Grande fire, which  caused hundreds of families in Los Alamos, New Mexico, to lose their homes and more than 18,000 residents of the state to be evacuated.
Over 1,000 fire fighters were required to bring the fire under control. Estimates have
placed total damages at about $1 billion. This tragedy was the result of a prescribed fire ignited by incompetent officials of the National Park Service. Who were undoubtedly rewarded with even more taxpayer dollars to clean up the mess which they created in the first place.

"Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government, but ILLEGAL for the citizenry"-- Thomas Jefferson 

The Forest Service is driven by one basic factor: increasing the agency budget. Its policies and management techniques have been proven to be detrimental to the forest and all human habitation within a stone's throw of the forest. In addition to the millions of endangered species habitat which is torched as a direct result of failed forest management policies.

In fact it would seem that today's Forest Service managers would rather see the entire forest and surrounding communities go up in smoke and be left to rot,

than they would see a single stick of timber be put to good use. Letting our nation's forests be turned into barren wastelands while adjacent homes get built with timber clearcut from rain forests more than half a continent away.

Federal Forest management officials don't care, as long as the American people are locked out of the forest which they own. Or as long as the checks from the US Treasury to the federal management agencies in charge continue flowing in.


  1. My aunt was talking with a fire fighter who was resting at a camp. The fire fighter showed my aunt pictures of a fire they had started and supposedly put out to have some fun. -Steven H.

    1. They get paid to fight fires. Not to put any out. That's why nearly 50% of all forests in Idaho have burned since 1980 and the Forest Service's primary response seems to be that they need more taxpayer money to manage the forest that they won't manage. It's almost as if they are holding our national forests for ransom.

  2. We the peoe already own and paid for these forestry parks. Thought they learned that from the Bundy situation!!!