Falsifying Archaeological Studies to UNLAWFULLY Destroy Historical Landmarks

Bill Timms Cabin, Four Miles From Roosevelt Lake, A Nationally Registered Historical Landmark  
Note: The USFS has not destroyed this cabin "YET". Call them at 208-634-0700 and tell them to leave this 110 year old piece of history in place!

Bill Timm was a scholar,  miner, politician, adventurer, postmaster in the town of Roosevelt.  Assayer for the US Assay Office. Those who knew him describe him as a man who loved his solitude almost as much as he loved Idaho's mountains. Especially Thunder Mountain.

He rubbed elbows with the likes of President Herbert Hoover. In fact, they graduated from Stanford University the same year from the same class. Each earning their degrees in mining engineering.

Bill Timm also personally hand built the only remaining cabin in what is now the ghost town of Roosevelt,  Idaho.

Jack Walker,  a personal friend of Bill Timm, visited Bill Timm at the cabin often when he was just learning about mining in the 1940s. Jack Walker says "Bill Timm taught me everything I know about mining".

Bill Timm died in the early 1950s, but not before selling the cabin and claim to Jack.

Walker says Bill Timm told him that the cabin he sold him was built in the summer of 1903 when Timm was most active at Thunder Mountain.

Walker worked the claim intermittently for six decades. Walker has since returned the claim to Forest Service ownership,  citing his age and health as reason for giving up the claim.

However, the documents below shows that the Forest Service decided a long time ago that it wanted to run Jack Walker out of town, and burn down the last remaining cabin from the Thunder Mountain Gold Rush era. Even if it meant violating federal laws to do so.

Roosevelt Lake History
Link: http://www.ruralnetwork.net/~yptimes/page13.html

The official USFS archaeological report, required to comply with the National Historical Preservation Act of 1966 (NHPA 1966), states the following:

1) [Falsely] The cabin was built in 1969, therefore is not eligible for entry into the National Register of Historical Places and will be destroyed (by USFS rangers).

2) [Falsely] The man who built it, Bill Timm, who died in 1953, reportedly did not build his cabin until 1969!
3) [Correctly] Shows a picture of Bill Timm (as a VERY old man) posing for a newspaper reporter in front of his cabin that he built, dated 1949!!!     

According to people who knew Bill Timms, he would have been in his 80s in 1950.

 The USFS account that he was able to build the cabin anywhere near 1969 is simply OUTRAGEOUS!

Thunder Mountain History

(Bill Timm center photo)

Note: Below, Bill Timm is listed as an assayer. According to witnesses, Bill Timm was a historical figure in Roosevelt to include an assayer at the assay office, and may have worked at the post office.

Picture of Bill Timm in front of cabin, circa 1949 from the Stibnite Miner                                                             

Death Warrant for Bill Timm's Cabin, Signed PNF
Falsified Payette National Forest Report?

Note: According to Krassel District Ranger Anthony Botello, the USFS directives require the Payette National Forest to "reduce our inventory" of historical structures. I.E., BURN BABY BURN!!!! Apparently through any means necessary, and without regard for the Antiquities Act, National Historical Preservation Act, or the will of the American people!

Video of building on private property unlawfully burned by Payette National Forest here:                       
 The living quarters for the second power plant power plant at Stibnite, it was reportedly constructed at Sugar Creek during 1929-1930, also by George Worthington and Lloyd C. White. It was located on private property. I witnessed Payette National Forest rangers unlawfully enter onto private land and destroy this historical building, already listed on the National Register of Historical Places. I asked the property owner why he did not press charges. He stated that it would not bring the building back, and that he was afraid of further actions the rangers would take against him if he spoke out. Multiple private property owners have lost private property at the hands of USFS rangers. In the case of the bunkhouse on Thunder Mountain, PNF forest rangers reportedly told the property owner it burned because it was "struck by lightning" in November. A witness says he saw a Payette National Forest  ranger that he recognised plus another person riding snowmobiles leaving the site of the burning building on private land.

Historical Stibnite Photos: http://tinyurl.com/HISTORICAL-STIBNITE-PHOTOS

Get involved! Call the Payette National Forest at 208-634-0700 and tell them NOT to burn Bill Timm's cabin, an important piece of history!!

More information on Roosevelt here: http://www.ruralnetwork.net/~yptimes/page13.html

The ghost town of Roosevelt is a testament that the mountaineers of Thunder Mountain loved Teddy Roosevelt so much they thought their beautiful town should bear his name.
In 1901, Roosevelt and the surrounding communities were a hustling, bustling place of business. More than 10,000 people received mail at the post office located in Roosevelt.

Named after president Theodore Roosevelt(1901-1909), the town that still bears his name is now located in the majestic Frank Church Wilderness, one of the largest wildernesses in the lower 48 states.

It is believed by local residents from surviving nearby communities that the cabin constructed by Bill Timm is the best maintained, intact structure from the time period that pioneers, settlers saw fit to name the beautiful town of Roosevelt after the great preservationist Theodore Roosevelt.

Ironically, it is now the USFS, an agency that is a living legacy committed to preserving lands set aside by President Teddy Roosevelt, that is now falsifying documents and preparing to destroy the only buildings left in a historical town which bears his name.
Not much written history exists about the town of Roosevelt. A few 100+ year old remnants, a cemetery, a handful of dusty dirt roads is about all that is left.

Sadly, eco-terrorists in charge of the Payette National Forest are working hard to selfishly ensure they will be the last people on earth to see Roosevelt, Idaho, or any remains there-of.
I highly doubt Theodore Roosevelt anticipated that the agency that was started in his lifetime, would become the destroyers of life, liberty, property, legacies which they are today.

The USFS PNF is so utterly offended by evidence that human beings had once walked the earth in the places they manage, they go to great lengths to cleanse the earth of all human activity, even that archiving the existence of a great man, president and outdoor enthusiast such as Teddy Roosevelt.

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  1. Someone should research the minerals in that area and whether any company has shown interest in mining it there....such as Uranium1...makes since that any future venture would be hampered or stopped by the existence of a historical building