Thursday, January 26, 2017

Unlawful Destruction of Chamberlain Basin

Hypocritical Forest Rangers Charge Man With Violating National Historical Preservation Act 

After destroying thousands of historical landmarks, Forest Service charges man with....destruction of historical landmark. I guess they don’t like competition?

Forest Historian Report: further proof of lawlessness on behalf of the Payette National Forest.


See more photos here:

 It is believed that some of the missing artifacts listed in the attached report were stolen by Payette National Forest employees for personal use or personal profit.

Reportedly, the Payette National Forest management believed Chamberlain Basin was such a remote location that they would never get caught stealing from the American people. Similarly to how the Payette National Forest unlawfully destroyed historical landmarks in Cabin Creek and Cinnabar  by fires intentionally set by upper level Payette National Forest management. 


Someone of the group involved in the unlawful destruction of artifacts listed on the National Register of Historic Places developed a conscience. Otherwise, we might never know just how lawless the Payette National Forest management team has become.

The individuals involved in this and other heinous acts were not reprimanded in any way, shape or form. In fact,  the Obama administration presented one of the individuals involved in this crime with awards for "helping the environment".

Some of them still work for the Payette National Forest. 

As time permits, and more of these documents become available, I will be publishing a full report online. 

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  1. This is very interesting. I think a whole lot of publicity and calls for accountability are very much in order.
    Joseph Henry , Boise , Idaho

  2. Such arrogant crooks! Should be prosecuted for theft and destruction of property - just like the Joe Citizen would be.