Sunday, May 14, 2017

Forest Service Admits Arbitrarily Closing Sugar Creek Road

In the email below, Anthony Botello, Krassel District Ranger admits that the Forest Service removed Sugar Creek Road from the public domain, without following due process of law.

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Lyin' Anthony Botello claims that Valley County has never asserted RS-2477 jurisdiction over Sugar Creek Road. 
Anthony Botello also blames the property owners for denying public access. Something the owners of the ghost town of Cinnabar say absolutely is not true.

In fact, every email(obtained through FOIA) from the property owners addressed to Anthony Botello to date say the exact opposite, and expressa grave concern about the Forest Service denying ANY access via Sugar Creek Road, including to the landowners.

It would appear that the Forest Service, especially Anthony Botello, invents alternative facts when facts from the real world don't suit his agenda.

Regardless of the current spin forest rangers like Botello keep selling the public, required Maps for travel showed Sugar Creek Road "open to travel" up until 2008. In stark contrast to his emails above claiming that "the road was closed in 1996/1997" and "the property owners don't want the public there".

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